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  For over 50 years Radocy Inc has been a sign industry source for telescopic cranes that are user friendly, cost effective and dependable. For two decades our Saturn and Comet lines have been the industry leader by incorporating numerous design features that can help your company move up to a higher level of job efficiency, safety and profitability. We offer fully powered boom extension and retraction with a detachable load line. Our cranes economically operate with 115 or 230 volt from onboard generator/welder. Our cranes can be operated hydraulically through our engineered PTO system. All of our products allow you to get the job done faster, with more convenience and less labor. We offer fast and friendly service and stand behind our products 100%. We have total control of the manufacturing process with the state of the art equipment and manufacturing facility. No matter what your needs we are here to provide a safe, dependable and cost effective solution for you. Feel free to contact us anytime and we look forward to serving you.


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